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We've made analysis of HTML code of g--4.com main page. You can find it in the corresponding block below. G--4 dot com has 7 neighboring websites on the server sharing the same IP. Check out if these websites are family safe below.

Data on G--4.com
  • Last update: 2018-11-21 (208 days ago) Update Now
  • IP:
  • G--4 dot com is found by these keywords: www.g--4.com, g--4
Screenshot of G--4.com main page
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Looking to see if g--4.com is available? What about registration information like how long it's been registered? If so, Who.Is is the service for you.

G--4.com Whois Details
When examining IP address we found a number of other sites that use the same IP.
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See a list of webpages that share g--4.com's IP .

G--4.com HTML Optimization Checklist

Screenshot of G--4.com main page
Enable gzip
CSS is minified
g--4.com HTML code is not minified
  • https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/fol-g4-resumido -> 1.1KiB -> 11%
Page rendering is not being blocked
Configure browser caching for these urls:
  • http://www.insht.es/imagenes/insht.ico -> expiration not set
  • https://misc.symbaloo.com/promo/images/PRO-banner-for-gallery-large-rectangle.jpg -> expiration not set
  • https://sac.ayads.co/sublime/13741 -> 30 minutes
  • https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js -> 60 minutes
  • https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/osd.js -> 60 minutes
  • https://ssl.google-analytics.com/ga.js -> 2 hours
Mobile screenshot of G--4.com
Gzip is not configured
CSS is compressed
g--4.com HTML is not compressed
  • https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/fol-g4-resumido -> 1.1KiB -> 11%
Consider compressing these images
  • https://static02.symbaloo.com/static/img/home/symbaloo-login-background.jpg could be reduced in size by 22.6KiB (15%)
  • https://static02.symbaloo.com/static/img/home/symbaloo-webmix-background.jpg could be reduced in size by 4.6KiB (52%)
  • http://cdn01.symbaloo.com/defaulticons/white/sticker/attachment.png could be reduced in size by 1.2KiB (38%)
  • https://static02.symbaloo.com/webmixpreview/stpoyosg4_thumb_S.jpg could be reduced in size by 767B (15%)
  • https://static02.symbaloo.com/webmixpreview/momentofinal_thumb_S.jpg could be reduced in size by 704B (11%)
  • https://static02.symbaloo.com/static/img/home/symbaloo-gallery-logo.png could be reduced in size by 667B (16%)
  • http://cdn01.symbaloo.com/defaulticons/black/youtube.png could be reduced in size by 609B (38%)
There are no files that block page rendering
Some html elements are placed in such way that it is not comfortable to browse the page on mobile device.
All html elements on the page fit the mobile viewport.

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  • https://google.com/
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