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We collect and analyze domain names and websites

Data on Traffic Dynamics

Traffic volume and visitor geo-location for any website are all viewable using our unique and powerful platform.

We strive to bring you only the highest-quality data using our expansive and comprehensive system, as well as showing you ways to boost visitor traffic.

Hosting Location Details

Go behind the scenes and discover any page’s IP address.

We show you a site server’s geo-location by cross referencing with its IP address. With an enormous amount of data on hosting locations across the world, we’re sure we have what you’re looking for.

Popular TLDs

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Web Jazz takes a staggering amount of information from all over the internet and brings it right to you. We’re here to make sure you have all the info you need so that when it comes to making the best decision for your website, you’ve got everything you need. Feel free to let us know what we’re doing well and any areas of improvement you can think of!
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